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jon ross | Developing expertise in Adobe XD, IBM Watson & Amazon Alexa

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Career History

  • Architecture and Design Science

    UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES: solar architecture & design, geodesics, whole systems, synergetics, tensile structures. Attained a Bachelor's degree in Design Science
    (the field pioneered by R. Buckminster Fuller - click image).

  • Earth from Space

    Energy Policy, Earth & Space Science

    GRADUATE STUDIES: Energy policy, macro & microeconomics, energy production & transmission, environmental impact analysis, meteorology, ecology, geology, atmospheric physics and astrophysics.

  • Dell servers

    Information Technology Professional

    Microsoft Technical Support Staff / System Adminstrator / Network Administrator / Wireless Network Engineer. Experience includes building desktops, computer labs, servers, as well as an instructor for hardware techs and Office suite users.

  • dual monitor design system

    UX / UI Design & Development

    Certified Web Interface Designer. Experience includes creating hand- drawn mockups, digital prototypes using Adobe Creative Cloud, front-end UI development using video, HTML5, CSS3, XML, jquery and javascript.

  • Current Training

    Next-Generation Interface Design

    "A.I. or artificial intelligence is the new back-end" in full-stack design & development. Cloud development environments such as for IBM's Watson and Amazon's Alexa use serverless RESTful APIs for microservices for connecting applications to natural language processing, sentiment analysis, machine learning and predictive analytics.

Current Interests


Adobe XD

Adobe XD (Experience Design) is the "first all-in-one solution" for UX designers. It makes it easy to undertake wire framing, visual design, interaction design, prototyping, previewing and sharing, by bringing together the tools needed for experience design into a single solution.


Watson Developer Cloud

The Watson Developer Cloud is a library of Watson APIs that you can use to build conversational interfaces and the power of cognitive computing to your apps.

IBM Cloud Platform What is Watson?

Alexa Skills Kit

Alexa, is Amazon's cloud-based voice service that powers Echo, a wifi-connected microphone-speaker system that provides capabilities, or skills, that enable users to interact with devices in a more intuitive way using their voice..

What is Alexa?
How it Works


data visualization dashboard

Data Visualization / Dashboard Development

Data visualization describes any effort to help people understand the significance of data by placing it in a visual context.

A business intelligence dashboard is a data visualization tool that displays the current status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for an enterprise.

Latest Design Project



Wacom Spark Tablet / Balsamiq and iMockups

sketching, mockups and prototyping


Sublime Text or Adobe Brackets

text editing and preliminary coding


Adobe Creative Cloud

user interface design & development


IBM Watson Developer Cloud

data exploration and analysis

My Approach
User-Centered Interface Design



Good things usually come to those who ... communicate! It's what human beings are designed for sharing their dreams, ideas and visions of what's possible.



Big ideas and breakthroughs come to those who have their minds blown learning how to think exponential, using proven techniques that get results.


Design the UX

Visualizing, sketching and creating clickable mockups are key in creating awesome user experiences (UX).


Develop the UI

Responsive web user interfaces (UI) are built with HTML5, CSS3, javascript, jquery using Bootstrap and connections to cloud services back end.

Creative Works on Social Media

Informational pages I created on Facebook

The Rise of Sustainability

About trends and cultural shifts toward environmental sustainability, renewable energy related technologies and practices.

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A.I. - Utopia or Oblivion

About developments in artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology, cognitive computing, neuroscience and its moral implications.

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Brain Wave Network

About developments in mindfulness, brain-healthy practices, brain-computer interface (BCI) and virtual reality (VR) technology.

MORE about BCI & VR 

Quantified Self Actualization

About what happens when we discover our deepest selves with wearable technology and artificially intelligent conversational apps.

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See My Pet Project

the Brain Wave Network Store
"Your one-stop-shop for mindfulness technology,
brain-healthy living and tools to achieve optimal mind-body performance."

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